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11 February 2024

Don’t get a seat in the pit with a view at right angles to the stage unless you want to hobble out of the theatre in pain. This was the most physically painful theatre experience I’ve ever endured. The legroom is laughable even by London standards and frankly £40 to sit on a bench with no back to lean on except the knees of the person behind you is robbery. Just because people 400 years ago didn’t have the wits to design comfortable theatres doesn’t mean audiences in the 21st century should be tortured in the same way. The last fifteen minutes of the first half were a blur because I was in so much discomfort from the lack of leg room. And I’m only 5’9”. I literally limped home and had to take pain killers and anti inflammatories for my knees, neck and shoulder. I will never go to that theatre again. It is a disgrace.

Nick Confirmed ticket purchaser

16 April 2023

This is a great theatre, a real experience. We sat in row B in the lower gallery which, of course, had no back support. We had a brilliant view, but if you have any kind of back problem, choose row C which does have support, which after an almost three hour performance was needed.

Scarlet Confirmed ticket purchaser

15 April 2023

I booked standing by mistake and couldn't see anything apart from people's heads in front of me. The 2nd part we were sitting at the front so it was alot better and generally enjoyed the 2nd part alot more.

Emma Domingo Confirmed ticket purchaser

6 April 2023

For devotees of the front row seat, front row at the side of the stage in the indoor playhouse is magic

Linda Confirmed ticket purchaser

2 April 2023

Kate Confirmed ticket purchaser

26 March 2023

Andrew Confirmed ticket purchaser

20 March 2023

don't use from the box office Confirmed ticket purchaser

19 March 2023

I like to be able to rest my back against a back rest so was quite uncomfortable. We've been before but my wife wouldn't come with me because of the seating so I went with a friend. He was quite uncomfortable!

Pete Confirmed ticket purchaser

13 March 2023

Great seats - love the pit

Vivien Confirmed ticket purchaser

12 March 2023

Great location, terrible comfort. In between performances these seats could be used productively by law enforcement as torture devices.

Rich Confirmed ticket purchaser

12 March 2023

Standing restricted view so can only be so good

Jay Confirmed ticket purchaser

6 March 2023

As expected! Need to go prepared as suggested by the Globe. Moving theatre’s helped as needed to stretch our legs. Confirmed ticket purchaser

6 March 2023

Not comfortable but the original

Barbara Confirmed ticket purchaser

27 February 2023

We stood in the gods and would happily do so again.

DWN Confirmed ticket purchaser

26 February 2023

The most uncomfortable seating I’ve ever encountered

Fly Confirmed ticket purchaser

25 February 2023

Great seats! I felt part of the action

Nix Newman Confirmed ticket purchaser

20 February 2023

Jonathan Elliott Confirmed ticket purchaser

13 February 2023

No ideas as it was cancelled

Brenda James Confirmed ticket purchaser

1 February 2023

Really good seats with a decent view of most of the stage. A little bit to the bottom left was out of view and if you are vertically challenged the seats are a little high but the rail in front is very useful for perching and leaning forward without the vertigo feeling you sometimes get in other theatres.

Mary Confirmed ticket purchaser

30 January 2023

Great atmosphere the closeness of the audience to the stage it really gave a feeling to the whole show.

Matt. Confirmed ticket purchaser

25 January 2023

My standing "seat" was bloody awful and very squashed but knew I would have a seat in the 2nd Act. Maybe that was why I enjoyed it more. But the first act meant I couldn't see the action just below, stage left. I can't complain for £6 but wasnt sure how much view would be obstructed.

Alan G. Confirmed ticket purchaser

11 January 2023

Lindsay Confirmed ticket purchaser

10 January 2023

The theatre is a lot smaller and more intimate than pictures portray but it was good for atmosphere. I was sat in the Pit area in the final row. Although I was sat extremely close to other people (think school assemblies), it did not hinder the view or enjoyment of the show. However, there wasn't much space for coats and bags. There was a ledge attached to the back of my row which I assumed to be for personal items but unfortunately that made the seat smaller and a little less comfortable than I would have liked. Again though, it didn't hinder the way I enjoyed the show.

Farah Confirmed ticket purchaser

10 January 2023

The view was excellent (lower gallery, door 2, row A). Unfortunately, i'd injured my back the night before and the back rest was nonexistent... But I am only to blame for this.

Karim S Confirmed ticket purchaser

6 January 2023

We had great seats in the lower gallery-a direct sight line to the stage. However all the seats looked good, padded and more comfortable than the bare seats in the main theatre.

Glenn Henrich Confirmed ticket purchaser

4 January 2023

You will be craning your neck a bit at the front, and if you are or are next to a wider individual you may find it's a bit squishy and/or will hurt your butt a bit by the end of a long show.

Lara H Confirmed ticket purchaser

19 December 2022

Juliet Confirmed ticket purchaser

17 December 2022

Bill Confirmed ticket purchaser

16 December 2022

Elena Confirmed ticket purchaser

10 December 2022

My partner had a seat from the start but the begin with I stood behind because I always watch Shakespeare standing at the Globe. But we were given better seats in the second half due to a fainting spell

Charlotte Confirmed ticket purchaser

9 December 2022

Mary wales Confirmed ticket purchaser

25 November 2022

I was standing and it was great - what a fantastic view - best £6 spent ever

Ash Hunter Confirmed ticket purchaser

16 November 2022

Good view - fine

Andrea Confirmed ticket purchaser

20 January 2020

Dave Maughan Confirmed ticket purchaser

9 January 2020

A bit cramped (front row of Pit)

Old Albert Confirmed ticket purchaser

9 December 2019

Fine, Sometimes the actors could have addressed us sitting in the upper gallery a bit more.

martin lange Confirmed ticket purchaser

3 March 2019

No-back seating for most, problematic for those with lower-back issues. Try the back rows of each section, which do have something to lean against.

R. Hazen Confirmed ticket purchaser

27 January 2019

It was not mentioned anywhere on the confirmation email I received from the box office that the seats are standing with a restricted view as well (I can forward the email if requested). Not only could we not be standing for a long time, but also we could not see anything that was happening on the right half of the stage. Hence, we couldn't enjoy it and decided to leave. Avoid rows C and D on the upper gallery.

Lina Confirmed ticket purchaser