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Mythos: A Trilogy

Gods. Heroes. Men.

“Let me tell you a story. It’s all about YOU.”

Written by and starring Stephen Fry

One of the world’s greatest storytellers, telling the world’s greatest stories. In this trilogy of plays (if you’re quick you can see them all!), Stephen Fry takes to the stage in the company of the Greek gods, heroes and men whose gripping tales still echo today. Laugh-out loud funny, mind-blowing and often personal, Mythos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the icon himself.

Fry divides his gripping tales of love and war, debauchery and revenge into three full-length shows as Heroes recounts the escapades of Perseus, Heracles and Theseus.

‘An Olympian feat of storytelling well worth a pilgrimage’

The Stage

‘I highly recommend seeing them all. Not only will you have the opportunity to see one of the world's greatest storytellers in action, but you will also legitimately learn something!’


Customer Reviews

6 reviews
Ermioni Fragkoulidou
Verified purchase
17 Sep 2019

Spending a night with Stephen Fry telling stories is like spending a Christmas Eve with the family's favourite uncle. All the hard to pronounce names and places are a game of dexterity and acting, making the learning process a fun game. It almost makes me feel ashamed for being Greek and not knowing all those lovely stories, especially when a very highly respected Englishman (amongst countless other people in the world) knows them like the back of his hand! If only this was the indicated way to teach children the Greek mythology! Thank you for a lovely evening, I hope you keep enchanting us for a long, long time!

Verified purchase
17 Sep 2019

The English say someone IS a genius. The Greeks say the genius only momentarily ‘came upon him’ (so that no mere mortal can lay claim that which belongs only to the gods). After last night’s amazing performance, I’ll stick with the latter. Stephen Fry undoubtedly IS a genius! For one man to engage, entertain, enthral, amuse, inform and delight an audience, singlehandedly, for over 2 hours, simply sets him apart from the common man. With his unfathomable depth of knowledge, his wit, command of language, cheeky charm and sheer talent, he made me laugh, cry, sit wide - eyed (in both fear and awe) and, above all, he simplified and brought to life a subject I’ve always found fascinating but to be honest, pretty confusing (all those names!!) and hard to grasp. No more. Thank you Mr Fry; a storyteller beyond words!

Philip Lucas
Verified purchase
17 Sep 2019

A delightful and robust re-telling of the myths of Ancient Greece in an entertaining evening that mixes rough humour with keen insight and a sense of fun, while still preserving the grandeur of these timeless tales. Stephen Fry is a treasure.

Verified purchase
17 Sep 2019

FRY is an absolutely amazing storyteller

Verified purchase
17 Sep 2019

What a great storyteller! Very interesting!



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Saturday 14th September 2019 at 2:30PM

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