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Starring Paul Anderson & Audrey Fleurot
The play will be performed in both English and French with surtitles throughout. 

Inspired by current world events, award-winning playwright Christopher Hampton has freshly adapted Moliere’s comedic masterpiece. 

In the title role of this thrilling new adaptation of Moliere’s classic comedy is Paul Anderson, known for his star turn in the hit drama Peaky Blinders.
He will be joined by celebrated French stage and screen star Audrey Fleurot (Spiral, The Intouchables) as Elmire and French screen star Sebastian Roché as Orgon.

What Is Tartuffe About? 

L.A. Present day. French media tycoon Orgon has re-located to Tinseltown with his family, his heart set on becoming Hollywood royalty. With a new studio to his name, and a palatial Beverly Hills mansion, his empire seems infallible. But all is not as it seems as Orgon falls under the seductive spell of Tartuffe, a radical American evangelist.  So comprehensively has Tartuffe hoodwinked Orgon that he looks set to steal his fortune, drive away his son, seduce his wife and marry his daughter.   

Penned by Academy, BAFTA and Olivier award winner Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons, Art, Atonement), and directed by the former dramaturg of the French People’s National Theatre, Gerald Garutti, Tartuffe will premiere as the West End’s first ever dual language theatre production, alternating between English and French with surtitles throughout.


Haymarket. SW1Y 4HT.

Cancellation Policy

No exchanges or refunds available after purchase. 


2hrs 30 with interval

Good To Know

Audrey Fleurot will not be performing on all dates, the role of Elmire will be played by Sophie Duez on the following dates;

June 4, 8, 14, 19, 22, 28

July 3, 5, 9, 10, 20, 27


The appearance of any particular artist cannot be guaranteed. If in doubt please check with the Box Office before booking.

How Does It Work

You will receive a confirmation email. Please print this email and bring it with you and present to the Box Office. We recommend you arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before the show.

Suitable For Children

The show is recommended for 12 years + .  Parental Advisory is advised as there is a scene of sexual nature.

When Can I Go

25th May - 28th July 2018

Performance Schedule

Monday to Saturday 7.30pm

Thursday and Saturday 2.30pm

Except Press Night 29th May 7pm

Where Do I Go

Theatre Royal Haymarket, 18 Suffolk Street, London SW1Y 4HT. 

By Tube: Piccadilly Circus; Leicester Square or Charing Cross Tube Station

Theatre Royal Haymarket

Haymarket. SW1Y 4HT.

Latest customer reviews

  • Tartuffe

    23 June 2018

    I really enjoyed the production. The acting was excellent (in spite of Audrey Fleurot being replaced as Dorine by her understudy who did really well). The relocating of the play to Los Angeles worked well for me. The references to Trump in the closing scene were clever and amusing. The interchange between French and English was intriguing, if initially slightly disconcerting. The English surtitles conveyed the original French faithfully and skilfully. I was disappointed that there was no indication in the programme of where one could access the translation as I would have been interested to study it in more detail. The lukewarm reviews have done a disservice to the cast and production team.

    Elizabeth Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Shockingly bad!

    23 June 2018

    My wife studied Tartuffe for her degree and loved it. When I saw it was being put on in the west end I booked tickets as a treat - without thinking it was possible to produce a poor version of this classic.  How wrong I was. We went to see it last night.   It was, by some margin, the worst thing I have ever seen in a theatre. Appalling in every way.  We wavered in the interval about whether to stay or vacate our £70 a piece seats. On balance we stayed on the basis that it could not get worse but if it did we would be witnessing something very special. Well, we did and it was.  Dreadful staging, wooden acting that would make a sixth-former blush. Characters randomly switching between English and French - subtitles needed to follow the script when they did pointlessly switch into French . A pointless re-staging in Trump era LA - complete with utterly clunking joke appearance by a Trump like president in place of the French king at the end - pathetic attempts at satire being met with forced raucous laughter from isolated French pseudo-intellectuals dotted amongst the by now sparsely populated stalls. It was the utter nadir of condescending metropolitan nonsense. It was the first time I have ever sat at the end of a play with my arms folded refusing to applaud any element of what I had witnesses.  To my wife's obvious discomfort I was unable to suppress my urge to say "utter utter shite" several times too loudly for comfort as the very modest applause (think about the sound that two dozen nudists would make simultaneously sitting on hard chairs and you just about have it) died down. I was actually rendered speechless by the awfulness of the whole thing as we walked back to Waterloo. Then it dawned on me. Was this a "Producers" type scam?  I felt like the audience members walking out of Springtime for Hitler. Maybe they sold 5,000% of the production?  What ridiculous metropolitan bubble of self-inflated ponces must these people inhabit to even countenance a production of such self-regarding and pretentious idiocy?  Well the moral of the story is read the reviews first.

    Mike Molan Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • A great modern take on a Classic

    22 June 2018

    Amazing play, the switch between languages was flawless and there was logic to which character spoke in which language. The translation is very good and the modernisation does justice to the original and the critiques of powerful frauds. The actors are all amazing and switch effortlessly and beautiful from language to language. Their comedy and characterisation transcend language anyway. The character of Dorine, in particular, was well-played and a breath of fresh air throughout the whole play. The subtitles take maybe 10 minutes to get used but after that it was fine. They were clear and easy to read, the subtitle panels were well-placed.

    Julie Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Tartuffe - Amazing and Creative

    17 June 2018

    This production of the play has blown us away with the wit of the new setting of this old timeless classic. The staging and cast were phenomenal. However the real star of the play must go to the director who cleverly rewrote a classic to create a captivating piece of theatre. His direction of the sensational cast, including the actress who played Dorine who was our personal favourite, along with the amazing switching between English and French astounded! Thank you for putting on a truely mesmerising piece that we loved and would rewatch.

    Marie E Confirmed ticket purchaser

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