A group of complete strangers has 60 minutes to agree how to spend a pot of real cash. If the players run out of time, then the money will roll over to the next show.

Don’t agree with them? Then you can join in, right up until the last second. But where do you stand? Will you help or hinder

Time’s ticking...

Kaleider, one of the world’s leading companies in extraordinary live arts, presents The Money, a perfect hybrid of immersive theatre and game that guarantees that no two shows are ever the same. Be a part of the most memorable conversations to take place in London this summer, as altruism butts heads with personal interests, personalities clash and hierarchies are upended.

Performed on 5 continents, at the prestigious Sydney Opera House, UK Houses of Parliament, Lagos City Hall, Lisbon City Hall, Melbourne’s Victoria Parliament, City of London’s Guildhall, Tianjin’s Grand Theatre and many more, this “urgent, playful theatre that points up our complex, often conflicted relationship to the stuff (money) and our strong attachment to it” (The Guardian) arrives at London’s historic County Hall for just 8 weeks!

Booking Information

PLEASE NOTE: Book Silent Witness tickets to sit and watch. Book Player tickets to take part in the action.


90 mins


Chamber, County Hall

Belvedere Road, London

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Access Information

For access information, please contact the theatre on 0844 815 7141

What's It About?


The Money is a perfect hybrid of immersive theatre and game that guarantees that no two shows are ever the same. You can choose to be a Silent Witness and watch, or a Player and take part in the action, coming to a unanimous decision about how to spend a pot of real cash. Which will you be?

Become a Player and work with other Players to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have 60 minutes to come to a decision. If you decide unanimously in the allotted time you get to take the money away and spend it. But if you don’t agree with your fellow players, you relinquish your privilege to spend the money and it rolls over to the next show.

Become a Silent Witness if you’re the quiet observing type and you can watch as the group of Players attempt to decide how to spend the money. And if you want to voice your opinion you can become a Player at any point by buying your way in.

Spend the money on whatever you want. Be as creative as you like. Just keep within the law. Time is ticking…