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Davey has seen something he can never forget. Anita has been forced to flee her home. Tonight, they meet for the first time... and their lives will change forever.

Philip Ridley's modern classic was a huge success when it premiered at the Hampstead Theatre in 2001, and a West End smash in 2007. Thrilling, heartbreaking and darkly humorous by turns, it is now seen as one of the most powerful explorations of hate crime - and society's need to crush 'difference' - ever written.

Customer Reviews

4 reviews
Patrick Harrington
Verified purchase
19 Jun 2019

Great performances but all a bit too elevated and hysterical...

Peter Thomas
Verified purchase
13 Jun 2019

I saw Vincent River for the 2nd time last night 12/06/2019 with an Australian Friend. A first rate show that everyone needs to see before it closes.. There was also a Q & A last night with The Producer Danielle Tarento, Louise Jameson who plays Anita and The Author Phillip Ridley. That was also very good. My friend was overwhelmed by it and she's a retired Producer

Verified purchase
9 Jun 2019

the play started so slowly I began to doze off, but eventually. it picked up and turned into an almost gripping dialogue between two people with very different views of life . It was interesting, but I was not really held by it. One reason was the acting - both actors are skilled (especially the young man, in what I gather is his first major role) but neither has the personal charm or charisma to attract and hold interest in their characters. I was definitely watching competent actors acting and I was relieved when they stopped and we could all go home.

Stewart Permutt
Verified purchase
26 May 2019

truthful, brilliantly acted by Louise Jameson and Thomas Mahy in Philip Ridley`s roller-coaster of a masterpiece


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85 minutes without an interval.

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Recommended age is 14+

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16th May - 22nd June 2019

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Trafalgar Studios

14 Whitehall