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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

"The honour would be entirely mine if you would attend my little party." 

It’s the roaring twenties – an era of bootleg liquor, red hot jazz and hedonistic pleasures. Jay Gatsby has invited you to one of his infamous parties and that's not an invite you want to turn down. 

Step into a heart-racing immersive adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal jazz-age novel which puts you in the heart of the action. Slip on your dancing shoes and watch the story unfold around you in this unique theatrical performance. 

The cocktails are flowing, the music is playing, the party is in full swing and there's the chance of more than a little scandal.
Immerse yourself in one of the greatest stories of the 20th Century. 

1920’s Dress Encouraged, Dancing Shoes Required.


84 Long Lane, London, SE1 4AU, United Kingdom


2hr (including interval)

Good To Know

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult


How Does It Work

You do not need to print and bring your confirmation, there is a guest list on the door. Please bring valid ID.

Suitable For Children

The show is suitable for ages 14+ 

What Should I Expect

Please note this is an immersive theatre production without seating where guests are encouraged to walk around, mingle and have a drink. 1920s attire is welcomed, although not essential.

When Can I Go

Booking until the end of the year! (31st December)

Where Do I Go

Gatsby's Drugstore

84 Long Lane



Gatsby's Drugstore

84 Long Lane, London, SE1 4AU, United Kingdom

Latest customer reviews

  • Brilliant night

    17 February 2019

    This was a brilliant night. From start to finish. The actors were superb, their voices so clear. Everyone was dressed up and ready for a great night which it was.

    Sarah McLay Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • 12 February 2019

    Absolute waste of money. The atmosphere was okay. However, the acting was terrible, the venue was disgusting and the play couldn’t have been less like the book/film. Wouldn’t recommend this at all, we left at the interval.

    Unknown Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • And now for something completely different

    10 February 2019

    We turned up half an hour early as advised and had made an effort to dress appropriately for the 1920's. We were amazed to find ourselves at the back of a long and noisy queue of mainly young people flamboyantly dressed as "flappers" in feathers boas and pearls (the women) or sharp suits bow ties slicked back hair and "spats" shoes (the men). After a warm welcome with clear laying down of the ground rules of "immersive theatre" including the need for complete exclusion of mobile phones in the 1920's we were encouraged to go to the bar where paradoxically it seemed that the 1920's eschewed cash and only accepted cards. The dingy prohibition era drinking dive set was soon further coloured by members of the cast mingling and introducing themselves to the audience. A rousing song from "Myrtle" in the bar naturally started the show proper before we were moved into the main set which was Gatsby's mansion. The audience were all guests at the party and the interaction between the strong clearly spoken cast and the audience was unique. After an initial dancing class in which everyone was encouraged to embrace the complexities of Charleston (or "Chair-stone for the less mobile) different "sub-groups" of the audience were taken into different rooms as different parts of the plot were developed without losing track of the overall story. The pathos of Gatsby's unrequited love for Daisy and George Wilson's betrayed love of Myrtle brought a moving silence to the end of an extraordinary production very cleverly engineered without conventional seats and stage. We would like to go back again and join a different "sub-group" for a different perspective...

    Nick & Jo Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • If only I'd known

    10 February 2019

    I booked this on a whim to take my wife to a show in London and clearly didn't read the description. We arrived in Jeans and Trainers (perfect attire for having walked around the city all day) and felt under dressed and actually disappointed that we hadn't 'dolled up to the 9s'. The explanation of this being an immersive experience had my wife's social anxiety going through the roof but it needn't have. It was one the best experiences we've ever had and the immersion was anything but an invasion of personal space (as promised in the "house rules"). The show was amazing and the acting brilliant and honestly we left feeling the only thing that could have made it better was us being dressed to be more participative. We're even talking about going again!

    Mike Jones Confirmed ticket purchaser