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15 Jan 2017

We took our grandchildren to see Peter Pan yesterday (7 +9 years). The whole visit was a real success. The environment is comfortable and easy - more spacious than the usual theatre with fewer queues all round, which is always a win. We loved the performance - fascinating stage craft and great cast. The kids were mesmerised - as were we. They also loved the 'Art of Make Believe' exhibition - just about the right size for a look around prior to the performance.

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28 Dec 2016

This production is well worth seeing. From the female Captain Hook to the Scots Tiger Lily, there are plenty of twists in this unusual re-interpretation of J M Barrie's well-loved tale. The Darling family and Peter himself are excellent, and the scene on Maroooned Rock is exciting. Costumes and music are high production values, and this is a Peter Pan for all ages at the National.

Ursula Owen
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20 Dec 2016

see below

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17 Dec 2016

Loved the adaptation of the original story. It manages to be faithful enough and yet raise some other interesting ideas. Good humoured heartwarming and thought provoking and beautiful physical work using the "fairy wires".

Jenny Tucker
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17 Dec 2016

Totally enchanting, funny and contemporary. Winning mix. Loved it.